Michelle Stancil

In May of 2000 I got my real estate license so that I could have a career that would provide a flexible schedule for me as a working Mom.  However, I made the decision after getting my license to hold on to my bookkeeping job and a weekly paycheck. 
The market crash of 2008 left me searching for answers as to which path to take next in my career.  After all real estate was my back up plan and the market wasn’t looking to great at the time.  I needed to take some CE classes and decided there was no point, I would just let my license go.  During this same time, I had been praying for an answer, where to go, what to do, show me what I already possess that can be useful as a career?  Little did I know, that real estate license I was about to let go of would be the answer to that prayer!  Within just a few weeks I received a phone call from a dear friend that I never expected.  This friend had gotten her real estate license the same year I did, but she dove in full force immediately.  When the market crashed she was determined to keep her real estate career a success.  She had joined RE/MAX Center and was in the beginning stages of building a team.  She needed a Buyers Agent and wanted to know if I still had my real estate license.  That’s what brought me to RE/MAX Center in January of 2011. 
In January of 2013, I stepped out on faith again and went out on my own as a single agent.  I did my due diligence and shopped the competition with several competing brokerages because I wanted to know what they had to offer me.  It only took me a day to realize that RE/MAX Center is my home and I had no desire to leave. 
The training and broker support we receive at RE/MAX Center is incredible.  RE/MAX provides amazing systems and tools.  RE/MAX Center goes above and beyond to insure we know how to use them to build a successful business.
RE/MAX Center has also created an awesome business plan to help you reach your goals and keep you on track all year long.  The door is always open for whatever help, support or guidance you need in your business.
 RE/MAX Center agents truly are “Above the Crowd”!    


Paul Zehe

  When our family team began searching for a new office in 2015, we were pleased to find some great options with RE/MAX in north Atlanta, a brand we have been affiliated with since 1985. Our decision to move to RE/MAX Center came down to experience of the brokers, available agent resources, and the great training we'd heard much about. Since joining RE/MAX Center, we've increased our business profitability through learning the systems & processes of the Momentum program and other masterminding opportunities, while utilizing the growing set of marketing tools & resources made available through the terrific office staff. 3 years later, we're more confident than ever that the decision we made moving to RE/MAX Center was the right one for the future of our business.  

April Bagwell

 As a newer agent in the industry, I had no clue what to expect when joining a brokerage. After spending my first year in real estate on a broker owned team and selling over 50 homes during that period, I had no idea what it meant to do real estate on my own! But I took that leap and knew exactly where I was going. I knew I had big goals and aspirations for myself and I knew I wanted to be different. I just needed the guidance and support backed by the biggest recognizable name in real estate...RE/MAX! After hearing what a trusted friend had to say about her broker.. I knew it was time to leak the leap and gave him a call. When I met with Patrick Finnick, I knew RE/MAX Center was my home... I was very apprehensive about working with a family run brokerage but once I met, Faye, Tina and Kristy... I knew I wanted to be a part of that family! And I took the leap and joined. But that's not where the story begins. My career story begins with joining RE/MAX Center and building a relationship with those that are impeccably important to building my business to meet the goals and aspirations that I hold for myself. With RE/MAX Center, they give me the supports, knowledge, guidance and tools needed to build the business that I WANT to build. Lori Hamilton is my right hand and business coach, without it her, I wouldn’t be building what I am so early in my career. Tina Helms, reminds me every time I see her that, that they are lucky to have me and JoAnn has reminded me on several occasions that God has a plan and is always watching out for me! How cool is it to be reminded the God has me! Holly Fogel is constantly letting the knowledge flow on a weekly basis in the Knowledge Center and is ready to teach what it is that YOU want to learn. Constantly asking for feedback and learning for ways to improve! This is not even to mention what RE/MAX has to offer, from the design center in Max Center to your professional website and beyond! I have found a brokerage for life! I am a RE/MAX Center Agent! 

Mona Pinnington

I didn’t choose RE/MAX Center, it chose me!
I decided to enter into the real estate industry after countless Q&A sessions with my boyfriend, Dave Erwin, and because I was party to a real estate transaction that did not go so well. Dave is an Associate Broker with RE/MAX Center and has been with Pat Finnick for 22 years. Dave has made it his passion to guide his clients through real estate transactions with a fervor that I found to be contagious. I admire his hard work, honesty, and passion for real estate. When Dave asked me to join him and form a team, I was all in.
RE/MAX Center has been a perfect fit for me. The environment is casual yet highly professional and efficient. RE/MAX Center’s Mission is to support its members to live abundant lives. And that is exactly what they do! RE/MAX Center has provided me with quality training that has shaped me into a strong educated agent. When I learned that RE/MAX Center is the most successful RE/MAX franchise in the state of Georgia when measuring volume and transactions, I knew this is who I must partner with. I am confident that I will achieve all my business goals with a fulltime Business Consultant, Director of Agent Support, and Director of Development by my side, all three of which are accessible to me at all times.